We all need perks to get us through the day, and nothing does the trick better than vehicular amenities, especially if you have a long commute to and from Marble Falls. To brandish a regal vibe and smooth confidence, it takes a special kind of luxury car to get the job done; fortunately, this is where the immaculate Lincoln Continental comes into play.

The profoundly functional power-assisted steering apparatus is a bona fide game-changer. This electric design is wildly intuitive and innovative. It provides an exceptionally fluid feel to the road that few vehicles can bestow. The amazing responsiveness is particularly evident at higher speeds, so get ready to relish a proud racing mentality.

For those who want to give driving their undivided focus, the microphone-enabled active noise control is a godsend. As you can experience firsthand with a Johnson Sewell Lincoln test drive, there will be no more auditory distractions competing for your attention thanks to this advanced acoustic technology.


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