Although Johnson Sewell Lincoln hopes that you will never have to deal with oversteer or understeer, these steering issues are common enough that some Marble Falls, TX drivers will be affected by them. Both have similar causes, but they are fundamentally different when it comes to their effects on your vehicle.

You may experience either condition if you are driving too quickly while nearing a corner. That is why the most common advice for drivers looking to avoid falling victim to understeer and oversteer is to decelerate into corners and never accelerate towards them. Owning either a rear-wheel-drive car or a front-wheel-drive car will determine which of these conditions you are more vulnerable to.

The first type of car is more prone to understeer, during which its front wheels will not have enough traction during a turn. The second type of vehicle is, of course, more prone to oversteer, during which the back wills will not have sufficient traction when turning.

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