If you understand both the purpose of a gasket and the signs that it may need a replacement, then you will be a more informed individual when it comes to vehicle maintenance. To put it simply, the function of a gasket is to bind different car surfaces together in order to avoid leakage of vital fluids or gasses.

Different varieties include exhaust manifold gaskets, head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets and even bearing gaskets. At Johnson Sewell Lincoln, we want the drivers in our area to be able to notice signs that they may need replacements for their car's gaskets.

Some common warning signs can be found under the radiator and near the engine's oil. These warning signs of bad gaskets include bubbling, gurgling, and a white substance on the metal's surface. Additionally, keeping your motor and coolant levels at the most appropriate temperatures possible will make your gasket maintenance in Marble Falls, TX more effective.

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