At Johnson Sewell Lincoln, we know that lighting has a big impact on your mood and safety. That's where the Lincoln Nautilus comes in. With its cutting edge lighting technology, this new luxury crossover helps you feel secure and comfortable at any time of day.

The fun starts from the moment you approach the Nautilus. It senses your presence, and the available exterior lighting switches on automatically. That way, you can see clearly in a dark driveway or parking garage. The system even projects a logo onto the ground near the driver's door for an extra touch of luxury.

As you drive, the Nautilus' all-LED headlights work to keep you safe. The brilliant beams help you see clearly after dark or in inclement weather, and the vibrant taillights make it easier for other drivers to see you. Try out the lights when you stop in to see our Marble Falls team for a test drive.


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