Don't Stress Over That Leak Any Longer

Seeing liquid dripping from your running vehicle or pulling away from your home and seeing a wet spot in your driveway can be gut-wrenching. Nobody wants to have to deal with a vehicle leak, and most people know that a leak is a sign that something isn’t right. Don’t ignore the problem, but don’t stress over it either. It could be something a simple as a bad gasket. Once you change the gasket, you will be ready to drive around Marble Falls again without worry.

Gaskets are pieces of rubber or metal that create seals around different parts of your vehicle. They trap fluids and gasses where they need to be and prevent them from running out of the car. They are durable but can wear down over time and allow liquid and gas to seep through. If your vehicle is losing fluids due to a leak, bring it into our Johnson Sewell Lincoln service department for repairs.



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