Understanding the Difference Between Oversteer and Understeer

The terms oversteer and understeer are associated with the dynamics of a motor vehicle. Specifically, oversteer and understeer refer so the sensitivity of a motor vehicle to its steering.

In very basic terms, understeer is a steering dynamic situation that occurs when a vehicle turns less than what a driver at the wheel commands. On the other hand, oversteer occurs when a vehicle turns more than what a driver commands at the wheel. Both of these situations are the result of specific changes in lateral acceleration and the steering angle of the vehicle in operation.

Various vehicles present different steering dynamics. The best way to ascertain whether understeering or oversteering is at play is to test drive a particular automobile, according to the experienced team at Johnson Sewell Lincoln, located in Marble Falls. A motorist needs to understand whether a particular motor vehicle has a propensity to understeer or oversteer.


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