The Lincoln Continental Packs Cutting-Edge Technology

Lincoln has packed more state-of-the-art technology into the Continental than previous year-models as new innovations have developed. The current model includes a suite of driver assistance and safety technologies that lets you stay confident on busy roads.

When you stop at Johnson Sewell Lincoln, we'll be happy to show you Lincoln's top technology features included in the Co-Pilot360 package. Pre-collision Assist with automatic braking is one major safety improvement that saves lives in the city and stop-and-go freeway traffic. It detects when a collision is likely to happen and applies the brakes for you.

Another advanced technology that's included with the Lincoln Continental is the Lane-Keeping System. It uses a camera mounted on the dash to watch lane markings on the roadway. When you begin to drift out of lane, it gives you a heads-up to make you aware. It can also be configured to take the wheel in emergencies.



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